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Carolyn Hochard​​

Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner



 About Carolyn 

Animals of all sorts have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve never known life without a dog in it. In fact, our collie dog, Ginger, was a part of the household before I was born. And she certainly took her job as the new baby’s nanny, very seriously! I grew up on a sheep farm, with dogs, cats and horses. My experiences of walking to the lambing barn late at night in the middle of February with my mother, to assist a ewe in distress, helped form my later decision to pursue a career in nursing.

Throughout my career I have been drawn to holistic modalities of care. As I continue to advance in my knowledge of holistic care, I find myself drawn to providing holistic care not only to humans, but to animals as well. I now find myself not only interested in this practice, but I feel strongly called to do it; called to offer care and comfort to the animals that have always played such an important part in my life; providing companionship, protection, wisdom and joy. 

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